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About Toxic Cheer

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Toxic Cheer is focused on teaching athletes of all ages and abilities solid fundementals in Cheerleading and Tumbling.


Our goal is to help create strong independent leaders who will be able to apply their learning and work ethic to experiences throughout their life and future leadership roles.

About Our

Cheer work is team work.

In the heart-pounding world of cheerleading, teamwork reigns supreme, transforming individual skills into a dazzling display of synchronicity and spirit.


As athletes fly through the air with breathtaking precision, it's the seamless collaboration of every team member that creates the mesmerizing routines that captivate audiences.


Cheerleading is more than just stunts, jumps, and tumbles; it's a symphony of athleticism and coordination, where each participant plays a crucial role in the collective success of the team.


From the base supporting the flyer to the backspot ensuring a safe descent, every member's trust and reliance on one another form the foundation of an extraordinary cheerleading performance.


Through countless hours of practice, dedication, and unwavering support, cheerleaders learn that their greatest strength lies not just in their individual talents but in the unbreakable bonds forged through teamwork. In the electrifying realm of cheerleading, it's the unity of the squad that elevates the routine from impressive to awe-inspiring, proving that the true magic happens when everyone cheers as one.

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